Bali Permaculture Design Course

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Dates of the Next PDC in Bali to be announced!

Learn and practice the life-giving methods of Permaculture at the spring-fed Tirta Gangga Organic Farm, enjoy the world-famous Tirta Gangga Water Palace, and walk away as a certified Permaculture Designer. This 16-day course will empower you to create productive, stable, and resilient systems that mimic the patterns and relationships found in Nature.

TGfarmPanoramaEnjoy Tirta Gangga Water Palace


Tirta Gangga, meaning “Holy Water of the Ganges”, is a former royal palace of East Bali filled with fresh spring water swimming pools, ponds, gardens, temples, fountains, and statues. Our farm is located just outside of the walls of Tirta Gangga, and every day we’ll have the chance to swim and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this historical gem of Bali.

Learn Permaculture Design

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Permaculture is a holistic system of design which can be used to create systems which mimic nature and provide the needs of all within and around the system. Moreover, Permaculture is an empowering philosophy of creativity and relationship with nature. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Permaculture techniques in the tropics, and design methods applicable to any climate worldwide. Walk away from this course ready to create solutions-based change in the world!

Gain Practical Living Skills


Located at an actively working Permaculture Farm, this course will give you practical experience in gardening, animal husbandry, food forestry, and more essential life skills. At the foot of Mt. Agung, overlooking the sea, Tirta Gangga Organic Farm is a spring water irrigated, diverse food-production system, and an inspiring example of what is possible through Permaculture Design.

Join a Team which is Being the Change!



Our course participants come away from these courses inspired and equipped with the skills and knowledge to put Permaculture into action!



This price includes lunch, snacks, transportation during site visits, daily entry to water palace, and course handbook and certificate. Does not include accommodation, breakfast, dinner, or transportation to Tirta Gangga. There are many nearby accommodation options starting as low as $7 per night (for basic room, cold shower) or $15 per night for a little more (deluxe room, hot shower). All local accommodations include breakfast. Dinner in local restaurants can range from $2 – $8 per meal, depending on where you eat and what you order.

Local Indonesian Price

$225 (3,000,000 IDR)

It is our strong desire to have as many local people as possible learning these important skills, so we are offering a special price to Indonesian people. By paying full price you also make this possible. Further financial assistance is possible if needed.


Introduction to Permaculture Couse

July 15-20 (first 5-days of PDC course)

The first five days of this course can be taken as a standalone practical immersion and theoretical introduction to Permaculture Design. We offer this option for those who don’t have time to take the entire 15-day PDC course, but still want to gain skills and knowledge to get started.



Includes lunch, snacks, transportation during site visits, daily entry to water palace, and course handbook.

Local Indonesian Price

$75 (1,000,000 IDR)

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To reserve your place in the PDC course, you can pay a deposit* of $350, or pay the full course tuition. Full tuition must be paid by October 1, 2016.

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Our Curriculum

This Permaculture Design Certification Course covers the required 72-hour curriculum as outlined by Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture, plus more practical workshops than what is required. This certificate is recognized internationally. Topics include (but not limited to):

Introduction to Permaculture
History & Ethics
Permaculture Design Principles
Principles of Ecology/Natural Systems
Methods of Design
Site Analysis
Soil Observation
Soil Food-Web
Soil Building
Water on the Planet & Roles of Water
Patterns & their Application
Climate: Design Strategies in Various Climate Zones
Earthworks: Water in the Landscape
Trees & Forests
Integrated Agroforestry
Gardening: Plant Propagation, Nursery, Companion Planting, Crop Rotation
Integrated Pest Management
Animal Husbandry
Waste Management
Urban Permaculture
Appropriate Technology
Natural Building
Detailed Design Process
Final Design Projects

And more!

About the Facilitators

Brandon Bodhi DentonBodhiPortraitFarmColor

Brandon “Bodhi” Denton, Botanist and Permaculture Designer & Educator, is the founder of ecological non-profit organization, Woven Earth and the PermaculTourism Initative, a regenerative-tourism movement aimed at creating educational travel experiences which generate and regenerate living ecological systems. This movement has taken shape through the Nepal Permaculture Adventure, a group service-learning trek which occurs every spring serving various Himalayan mountain communities. He also teaches Permaculture Design Courses throughout the year in various parts of the world, provides design consultation services, and serves as a consultant for Tirta Gangga Organic Farm in Bali, Indonesia.


I Made Chakra Widia

cakraI Made Chakra was born in 1973 to a rice farming family near Ubud, Bali . Coincidentally, this was the same year the so called “Green Revolution” introduced chemical farming to Bali . Fortunately the Balinese love of nature and trust of their traditions slowed down the inroads of this new, less sustainable agriculture. Chakra was able to grow up in a time where the people didn’t need money for food; edible vegetation, fish, eels, and birds all thrived together in the rice fields. Now that chemical farming has destroyed so much of this sustainable eco system, Chakra’s wish is that that his own children will be to able experience what he knew in his childhood; with the land restored to its abundant heritage. He knows he can’t do this alone, so he works to build connections with others on the same path, working for a healthy environment, healthy people and a healthy future.After completing his study on sustainable development , 4 years pioneering green tourism in UK , and gaining commercial experience in his hometown, Chakra has devoted himself to developing sustainable agriculture and technology across Indonesia ; from tsunami-ravaged Aceh, to the rice fields of Bali , where he has pioneered an effective organic Intensification System for nutritious, heritage red rice. Chakra’s knowledge and practical skills range from appropriate technology and permaculture design, training and project management to consultancy for international NGOs.


Accommodation Options

There are various accommodation options in the local area which vary in price and quality. Since everyone has different preferences and budget ranges, we have made this course very affordable, and accommodation cost is separate. We can help you by booking your accommodation ahead of time at a discounted rate than what typical “tourists” would get. You will pay these hotels directly and the cost will include breakfast. Nearby homestay accommodations include Dhangin Taman Inn, Rijasa Homestay, and more.

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*$350 deposit is non-refundable