Nepal Permaculture Adventure


April 1-20, 2017

With optional 8-day Himalayan-skills workshop & trek following: April 22-29

This 20-day Permaculture Design Certification Course & Adventure is an experiential service-learning journey deep into the heart of the Himalayas.

What is a Permaculture Adventure in Nepal?


An Opportunity to Learn and Practice Permaculture while Benefiting Local Communities

The main objective of this adventure is to learn Permaculture design through a balance of theory and practice while serving local communities. Using the methods of Permaculture design, we aim to consciously create systems which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature and provide the needs of all life in the system. Permaculture can be applied to all aspects of human habitation: from agriculture to ecological-building, and from appropriate technology to education.
This Himalayan region in Nepal provides real examples of integrated living systems and communities, and our program provides a practical Permaculture education and certification unlike any other. We will learn by working with local communities including the Rainbow Children’s Home & Organic Farm, Prakriti Himal Permaculture Center, the Shree Jana Adarsh Secondary School, the village of Paudwar, and the Tibetan settlement of Chhairo.


A Co-Creative Convergence of East and West

Our itinerary is designed to lead all participants of this adventure through an experiential process of understanding and integrating the best of these eastern-traditions, while sharing our own skills and knowledge. We will immerse in the living traditions of Myagdi and Mustang districts of Nepal, rich with Earth-knowledge, community-relationship and spiritual-wisdom. Our curriculum will include workshops in traditional Himalayan earth-skills such as bamboo weaving, stone building, and Nepali cooking.


A Journey Back to the Basics of Life

Our program design, aside from the curriculum and content, is primarily an invitation back to the basics of Life. Drink the cleanest water in the World directly from it’s source, eat food cultivated from the earth upon which you stand, soak in natural healing hot springs, share the joys of life with community, connect and smile with local people and international peers alike, as a global-family. Recover your relationship with the Earth, with People, and with Self. Beyond the colourful traditions, what makes a visit to Himalayas of Nepal truly unforgettable is the simplicity.




20-day PDC & Adventure: Sliding Scale: $1450- $1650

This includes all meals, lodging, transportation, course materials and services, yoga classes, and trekking permits for our 21-day adventure in the Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. We are offering a sliding scale to give accessibility to a diverse range of participants. The more you choose to give, the more resources we will have to contribute along the way in the form of real permaculture infrastructure, and stipends for local Nepali teachers and guides. $1,550 is the recommended rate for those deriving regular income from developed countries (USA, UK, Australia, Japan, etc…), but most importantly, give what suites your ability.

8-day Himalayan-skills workshop & Khopra-ridge trek: $550

Learn traditional Himalayan living skills in the off-the-beaten-track village of Paudwar and trek to the amazing panoramic viewpoint of the Annapurna range, Khopra Ridge. Skills workshops include but not limited to: bamboo mat & basket weaving, stone-masonry, fermentation (pickles, alcoholic beverages, etc), Nepali cooking, wild-food foraging, and more!

Discounted cost for both programs (April 1-29): $1800

Spaces are limited! To reserve your place, please register by leaving a deposit* of $350 (or pay in full) via PayPal.

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 *Deposit is non-refundable.

PDC Graduate Partial Scholarship

  • Program cost: $1050  ($400 scholarship)
  • Number of scholarships available: 3

 We have 3 partial scholarships available for those who meet the following conditions:

  • have completed a Permaculture Design Certification course
  • express genuine interest in continuing to use Permaculture Design
  • in need of financial assistance to join our program

 To apply please contact us with your information, and answer the following questions:

  • Where and when did you complete your PDC course?
  • How have you been using Permaculture Design?
  • How do you plan to continue using Permaculture Design?
  • How do you think this program would help you?
  • Do you have any other skills you feel would contribute to our service work in Nepal?
  • Do you have a need for financial assistance in order to attend this program? Please elaborate.

Local Nepali/Tibetan Full-Scholarship

We also are offering 3-4 scholarships for eligible Nepali and Tibetan persons who:

  • Have a strong desire to attend but cannot due to lack of funds
  • Will use Permaculture Design methods in their work or farm in Nepal
  • Can communicate in English.
  • Females are strongly encouraged to apply.

To Apply please click here, download the PDF application form, and email the form



Support Our Mission!

All donations will go towards materials contributed in our service learning projects at 4 community partner sites: The Shree Jana Adarsh School, Prakriti Himal Permaculture Center, Chhairo Tibetan Community, and Indreni Organic Farm. If you want the money to go specifically to this Woven Earth project, please add a note: “For Nepal Permaculture Aventure service materials”. Thank You!!!