A 21-day Earthbag Building Workshop

Building Earthquake Resilient Homes for the Rainbow Children’s Home

In Paamei Village, near Pokhara, Nepal


January 5-25, 2018

More info coming soon. FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE AT info@wovenearth.org

In the wake of the Spring 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, there is great need for the rebuilding of houses and schools using earthquake resilient techniques. This January, Woven Earth will be hosting our third service-learning comprehensive workshop on Superadobe (earthbag) construction including certification. During this workshop we will build housing for the Rainbow Children’s Home Orphanage & Organic Farm near Pokhara, in Paamei village. This course will give a solid foundation of theory and practice in Earthbag building and will include various other lessons in Permaculture Design.

This course will take you through the entire building process, from the foundation to the roof. The building we will construct will be passive solar! We will cover other methods of natural construction including cob, waddle & dob, bottle wall, earthen plasters etc. You’ll also come away understanding appropriate design methods according to specific bioregions around the world.

Click here to donate directly to this long-term rebuilding effort in Nepal


Sliding Scale: $700- 950

Cost includes food, accommodation, transport, educational materials and certification. Your contribution will help fund the houses we build. The more you give, the more we’ll be able to support the Rainbow Children’s Home and other communities in need. Please give from your heart, and give what you can.


Most of us will be staying in tents. Please bring your own sleeping bag. We will provide tents and a pad to sleep on. We can also arrange accommodation with a local family home stay.

Course Registration

Paying a deposit* of $350 will reserve your spot in this course. Please click the link below to leave a deposit or pay in full (preferable!). The link will bring you to a PayPal “donation” page to enter the amount you wish to pay.

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The Global Impact

Conventional construction across the globe is responsible for  40% of the total carbon emissions in the world. Natural building techniques utilize local renewable materials that do not deplete finite resources. We consider this not to be an “alternative” method of living, but rather an innate capability to create shelter within our given environment. The course will be a Journey into discovering those natural human abilities within.

The Experience

The purpose of this program, is not only education but also to connect people with the common passions of earth-stewardship and social-service. Participants of our course often report that along with the value knowledge gained, they made invaluable global connections with people which opened doors for unforeseen opportunities. 

Nepal Resilience Project

Resilience can be defined as the ability to return to a state of balance after some disturbance. It is the capacity to “bounce back” or even to absorb shock, bend, and return to the original shape without damage. Nepal Resilience Project was created by Woven Earth to be a unifying network of people and organizations dedicated to creating a more resilient future for Nepal by means of sustainable and regenerative methodologies.

Please email any inquiries to info@wovenearth.org

*Deposit is non-refundable.