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Bali Permaculture Design Course

This 16-day course will empower you to create productive, stable, and resilient systems that mimic the patterns and relationships found in Nature. July 15-30, 2017. Topics include Permaculture Design Methods, Organic Gardening, Soil Building, Agroforestry, Aquaculture, Water Systems, Bee-Keeping, Natural Building, Earthworks, Appropriate Technology, Social-Activism & More.

Nepal Permaculture Adventure

A 20-day service-learning adventure into the heart of the Himalayas to learn Permaculture design & traditional skills while serving local communities, April 1-20, 2017. Optional 8-day Himalayan Skills Intensive and Trek following April 22-29, 2017.

Earthbag Building Training Course in

21-day comprehensive and practical training course in Earthbag (Superadobe) building to rebuild homes of earthquake affected families. Includes hands-on lessons in Permaculture Design and Himalayan earth-skills such as blacksmithing, bamboo weaving, traditional farming and more.

Our Mission

Woven Earth is a Non-Profit Organization
Vision: a Sustainable World of People Interwoven with Nature

Our mission is to foster community resilience and ecological balance through worldwide service-learning programs, which promote innovative regenerative design practices and integrate local wisdom.

WE focus on applying creative solutions to communities in need around the world in the format of permaculture design courses, natural building workshops, cross cultural service-learning tours, and community-based land-regeneration projects.

  • Community Resilience
  • ecological litteracy
  • regenerative design
  • traditional earth-skills


Meet some of the dedicated people working on our projects.
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Brandon Bodhi Denton

President, Program Co-Facilitator
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Heather M. Fife

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Michael D. Smith

Board Member, Program Co-Facilitator
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Lucas Trotman

Treasurer, Program Co-Facilitator
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Buddhi Ratna Sherchan

Guide, Senior Horticulturist
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Justin Hall

Board Member, Program Co-Facilitator


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